lunedì 24 marzo 2008

Art exhibitions in Italy

TURIN - Palazzo Bricherasio: L'Arte della Veduta; 100 works comparing for first time Canaletto with pupil and nephew Bernardo Bellotto; until June 15.

ALESSANDRIA - Palazzo Monferrato: Le Corbusier, Drawings and Sketches; Italy's first look at the lesser-known side of the great architect (1887-1965); until March 30.

BRESCIA - Museo di Santa Giulia: America! Painting Stories from the New World; 250 works by the 19th-century artists who celebrated the grandeur of the American landscape and life in the West, including Edwin Church, Frederic Remington and Charles Russell; until May 4.

COMO - Villa Olmo: The Embrace of Vienna, 80 works from the Austrian city's Belvedere Museum including six Klimts and six Schieles; until July 20
FLORENCE - Palazzo Strozzi: 200 works of the long 'Chinese renaissance' from the Han to Tang dynasties (25-907 AD), many on show for the first time in Europe; until June 8.

- Strozzina Centre for Contemporary Culture (Palazzo Strozzi): China China China !!!, 15 contemporary artists from Beijing, Shanghai and Canton; until May 4.

- Palazzo Pitti: Another Beauty; 40 works by 17th- century Florentine painter Francesco Furini; to April 26.

LUCCA - Italian Comics Museum, Palazzo Guinigi: The American West Seen By The Greatest Italian Comics Artists; biggest-ever such exhibit in Italy, 750 illustrations including 150 previously unseen works by the likes of Hugo Pratt, Dino Battaglia, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Ron Embleton, Sergio Tisselli, Sergio Toppi and Juan Zanotto; until May 25.

MAMIANO DI TRAVERSETOLO (PARMA) - Magnani Rocca Foundation: Andy Warhol - The New Factory, around 140 works tracing Warhol's career from the mid 1950s to the 1980s, until July 6.

RIMINI - Fellini Foundation: Dreams Strewn In The Drawer; sketches and drawings (some on restaurant napkins) stemming from a '60s psychiatrist's suggestion the director should record his dreams; supplementing his popular Book of Dreams, the works include a storyboard for The Chinaman's Dream, first published by Playboy in 1971, and a series of dreams of a close woman friend, re-interpreted by the maestro; until August 31. ROME - Palatine Hill: Augustus's House on view for first time in 25 years.

ROMA - Vittoriano: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Tradition and Innovation; 150 works from world's major collections; until June 29.

- Scuderie del Quirinale: From Canova to The Fourth Estate, 100 works showcasing often-neglected movements in 19th-century Italian art; until June 10.

ROVIGO - Palazzo Roverella: The Belle Epoque, Art In Italy 1880-1915; 110 paintings including Boldini, De Nittis, Zandomeneghi; until July 13.

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